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Uprooted Skincare

How did you get started?

I had quite a bizarre and unexpected beginning in January of 2015, At the time I was making beet and cocoa smoothies in the mornings and one time in particular I looked at the color and realized how beautiful it was and then the thought occurred to me "beets should be in color cosmetics" So I used the google machine and learned that lip balm could be colored with beet root powder. So I began experimenting! Using plastic egg cartons, I would pour my experimented lip balm recipes, wait a few minutes, then try every one. They started off really bad. They were too hard, too soft, too waxy, too much color, not enough etc. However, I couldn't stop experimenting! After months, I was able to lock down recipes for the lip balms. I sent samples to my family to try and received some honest feedback. I swear, it sounds silly but there was some kind of fire inside me that would not let this idea of creating these things go. It was that drive, motivation and passion that kept me going. Since then I've done tons of research on how plants and herbs are so incredible for the skin and have created makeup products that have been amazing not only in ingredients but also in effectiveness.

What influences you and where does your inspiration come from?

I would say my main influences besides being a nursing mother during the company's creation would have to come from learning about plants, herbs and clays.  There are so many products out there that can cause so much harm to ourselves and I take pride in knowing that I am contributing to the greater good in a tiny way in such a huge industry. It is amazing that the Earth creates these things that we can use on daily basis. I never realized the effects our cosmetic and skincare ingredients can have on ourselves and it has made me so much more conscientious as to what I put on mine and my family's skin and body.  "Uprooted" the name came to me one night while nursing my baby Rose, so really this is for my kids as well as myself.

How do you maintain work life balance?

Sheesh, this is a tricky one. Everything to do with Uprooted, I do mainly myself. My husband helps me with ideas/guidance/work where he can. My brother guided with the design and family and friends give feedback and support. Creating the products, labels, website, shipping, packaging, etsy shop are all me. My husband, two children, relationships and daily responsibilities create a constant juggle. Each aspect is so important to me so I make an honest effort to not waste time. Wasting time is a killer. I am constantly trying to do something useful whether it be working on getting orders out, updating the website, going to the park with the kids, making time to be with my husband or even just a girls night. Don't get me wrong, I am still learning how to balance and I won't ever be 100%, especially with our growing family but I try to do my best at giving each aspect it's needed time and attention. It is a constant work in progress.

Where do you see your brand going in the next five years?

My hope and goal is to having my eCommerce website up (coming very soon!) and humming along, being my main source of sales and interactive information. I also have been working on getting into brick and mortar shops throughout the United States. Social media is ever changing and could have an impact somewhere in there as well. All I know is that I am excited for the future!

How do you stay motivated?

My main source of motivation is knowing that I have started this operation from the ground up and there is no option in letting it fail. Sure, there will be failures along the way, but not enough to ever just let it go. Another motivation is my children. It is important to me to show them that you can do anything and hard work is a necessary and fulfilling aspect of life. I want them to see that even though there might be slip ups and failures along the way, you must always pick yourself back up and keep moving. And then there is my customers and seeing them happy. Happy with well curated products that create positive changes within their skin. Our company is centered around the idea that "We take the beauty in nature to bring our the beauty in you." Knowing that something as simple as our products can help improve how someone feels about themselves because their skin feels and looks beautiful is deeply rewarding.

What has been your biggest hurdle with your brand?

Learning to balance my time within what area of the business needs to be worked on. For instance, I will have a great day of stocking products, but then realize that there is so much work to do on the website. It's definitely been a learning process and I am getting better but calendars, lists and sticky notes are a must! Owning your own business has taught me that there is always something to be done, its never a dull moment and it has helped me grow so much! 

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