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The Priority

Priorities, a plural reflection of a word that once was solely used as singular. What is your priority? We continuously throw that word around with relationships, our passions, our careers etc but do we take the measures to implement actions that speak truth into our list? If I could ask you now what are your priorities what would you say? How long will your list be?

In our fast paced, technology addicted culture we’ve  become conditioned to create a laundry list of priorities, that which is important to us. However the truth is, that the longer our list of priorities are the less priorities we actually have.

When you’ve created your list how many of those things actually consume your time on a daily basis? How many of those things are just that which you are inspired by or that which you aspire to do?  Our true priorities are the events, obligations and relationships that consume our time and our effort. Our biggest roadblock is that we’ve become a culture void of time. We fill our schedules and agendas to the max, overbook our events, and are never fully present in our relationships. So what is actually our priority? Is it the relationship we are in, the career we love, the new venture/passion we are pursuing? Or are we only giving lip service to those and using pacifiers (our Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc) to monopolize us and become our priority? I know I do.

We've become so busy with life that we blur the lines of our obligations as our priorities and that which should be our priority; such as the pursuing of our passions, sits on the back burner and inevitably becomes nothing more than what we aspire to do. The shift has to happen where we not only envision doing what we’re passionate about but we actually invest the time and do them!

A frightening endeavor because when you begin to devote time to that something whether it is a passion, or a person, or a relationship that means you have to stop or minimize something else.This ideology goes against everything we’ve been spoon fed from birth. The idea that we CAN do it all. We CAN accomplish it all but the truth of the matter is we can’t and there is no failure in that.  What we prioritize should be few. A list which is intentional, one that can be conquered because it is not pages long.  

We need to acknowledge not only what our priorities currently are but then realize what we want them to be? Asking the question are the things that I have committed my time to really what I want my priorities to be or have I've fallen prey to creating a life based on circumstance? Then, how do we actually make what we want our priorities to be at the forefront of our mind? Where does the shift in ownership happen?

It begins with commitment. A commitment to saying no to things that are not adding value to your life. No to extra activities that are just excess, no obligations that keep you from your passions. A commitment to set apart time for making what you want to prioritize to actually be your priority. Start by taking small steps to creating an intentional list of priorities that add value and help cultivate your passions.  Once you've made your list dedicate time to it, minimize your pacifiers whether it be social media, Netflix etc.  Maybe we can't have only one sole priority but we can start with minimizing our lists. What's on yours?


Written by: Amanda Grieve

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