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I'd like to start out with saying that my opinion on this particular subject is not one of popular belief. In fact, if anything it would be deemed dated in some circles but it is one that I will continue to sing from the hill tops as long as the days allow. I am in all technicality a millennial. There are round about 52.8-86 million of us that make up the population.  If you're wondering if this is going to be another critique echoing the continuous ideas of entitlement and lazy narcissism it's not. Nor is it a persuasive rhetoric to somehow deem my generation as one of great advancement and poise. Instead it's a more of a dairy entry of my hopes and intentions for my life and that of my generation.

My generation is exceptionally tech savvy. We are perfecting it, building it and turning a profit off of it. Technology is integrated within our daily lives, it plays a large part of our culture. It is no longer an uncommon occurrence to see a group of people out to dinner who stop to take a photo of their food to display, or fashionable young men and woman posing for editorials in alleys and street corners for their "blog". Not to mention we have become professional Youtube and Netflix participants, we hold marathons of it encompassing days on end. But it often makes me wonder if we've not mixed up our priorities? Sure we are current and up to date with pop culture, the latest Youtube Guru, another round of Friends seasons and have liked a photo every hour on Instagram but when did we forget the value of face time instead of using FaceTime?

I don't think I have all the answers but my hope is that we can create an environment that encourages a much needed shift. A shift in where we allot our time. Clearly I'm not implying we run away completely from technology and or social media. I'm actually quite the fan of social media and I run a company whose platform is based solely within it but my hope is that we become a generation that creates stories and not just the kind on Snapchat. That the filter we choose for the day is one to slow brew coffee, not turn our faces into toast. Remembering that there is more value in volunteering over going viral.

I am taking steps daily to cultivate my world offline. Making my online presence a minimal extension of intentional living with my loved ones, within my community and my state. Millennials, we have the largest reach, the loudest voices,  and every piece of technology on our side granting us the ability to always be heard but perhaps its time we weren't just heard. Perhaps we need to give into more moments that are remembered not just captured.


Lets create more life offline.

Written by Amanda Grieve

District of She Founder