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How did you get started?

I got started by just seeing lettering and being inspired! I was introduced to many art forms growing up, my grandma was a beautiful painter and opened my eyes to crafts of all kinds so all of the artistic mediums from sewing to dancing to paint I was immersed in from a young age -so I would contribute a lot of it to her. I also have been told a lot throughout my childhood, schooling, and onward that I have really nice handwriting so I just kind of went for it. I started with printer paper and a ball point pen and my husband has proof of how interesting those turned out... but I just kept growing and playing with each letters form while I researched mediums and pens and paper. It was just a fun hobby and it grew into a passion - I have my grandma to thank for that, I feel connected to her thinking her artistic nature runs in my blood!

What influences you and where do you get your inspiration from?

I'm influenced and inspired by a lot of things. I like to write things that speak to me or evoke emotion as well as biblical truths or reminders of how worthy we are in the eyes of the Lord. Everything from verses that jump out in my quiet time to songs/lyrics I hear in the car to poetry I loved as a kid is inspiring. I write or create things that I would hang in my own home, so my standard is what I like to see hanging in my office or bedroom or kitchen, its personal and that is hugely influential to what I choose to sell. As far as painting, its a new medium I am very much growing in and new at so I just paint and play with what I think is pretty- which is usually plants! But all in all my biggest influence in this whole journey is really Jesus and the desire to spread encouragement and transparency. We are such stubborn people that need each other desperately in community but are far too often willing to sacrifice that out of pride. I hope through my transparency, learning experiences, and constant need for grace that people will feel encouraged and inspired to keep seeking truth, joy, and inspiration from each other instead of comparing and coveting gifts that aren't theirs. Goodness knows I struggle with that all too often, but its not worth hiding a struggle that many have.  I get inspired and influenced by other artists too, artists of many mediums just doing what they love and how impact full that is as it shines through their work.


How do you maintain work/life balance?

Gosh how does anyone? Id say this part of my story is still being written. A lot of the balance so far has come from prioritizing. My work suffers, my marriage suffers, and my soul suffers if I don't set aside quiet time to read and fill myself up with Gods word. Ultimately where you place your priorities is what you're going to persevere for through hell or high water, God and my husband are my priority, serving them is held first. Art is an outflow of my love for the Lord, so without that life balance there's no art to create in my eyes. I am forever learning to manage this balance. Time is fickle and its figuring out how to schedule but also the willingness to let in inspiration when its knocking at the door, because its a gift!


Where do you see your brand going in the next 5 years?

I think like anyone I would love to see it grow in the size of people it reaches. If its Gods will I would love to be able to self support and bring in an income that I can manage and distribute portions of to ministries I am passionate about or places my husband and I feel led to give. Product-wise perhaps its seeing my writing on something other than paper! Or joining up with other creatives and teaching each other our craft. Gosh, the possibilities are just endless!


How do you stay motivated?

This is the hardest one. There are definitely days I have no creative juice and I hate everything that happens when I pick up a pencil or paint brush. Usually these days are the ones where my work/life balance are off. I just recently moved across the country with my husbands career and I find myself with more time than I know what to do with, and some days creating is the last thing I feel the motivation to pursue. However, I think largely what I have to remember is that success isn't measured by what I make or if I accomplish anything big - success for me is just showing up to my desk. There is always something new to be created and when you work for yourself motivation can be super hard, and it can be discouraging when your mind is wrapped up in getting likes on social media or how many etsy sales you have or even shop views you get that day - but showing up is the key. Everything that comes after is a gift.


What has been your biggest hurdle with your brand?

I would have to say myself- I am without a doubt my biggest hurdle. I am a very broken human with worldly ambitions that often get the best of me, so figuring out whats true and remembering my purpose in this is heaviest hurdle to bare. Id also say that trying to build a business is just plain hard. I question my worth daily and if I think being successful in art is a determination of my worth then my whole world is backwards. But learning to manage finances, supplies, and marketing while also trying to make things is just darn hard!

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