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Pregnancy Soul

While pregnant, a woman is her most physical self. She is experiencing her body change and morph into a vessel that will support another human. She can feel the kicks of another being inside her belly. This is the most natural thing on earth. All living things procreate. Pregnancy is something all female mammals experience. At no other time in a woman’s life is she as close to mother earth and all the animals that roam her, than during pregnancy. She is grounded with two feet deep in the soil.


At the exact same time, a woman is her most spiritual self while pregnant. She is the ether, connection, to the spiritual world. A spirit, soul, a being has taken residency in you. It has trusted you as its vessel from the spiritual world to the physical. I believe this is why pregnancy causes so many women to feel ill at first. Like motion sickness, she is being pulled between two worlds. Her body is doing something so physical while also being directly connected to the spiritual realm. A pregnant woman is the bridge between heaven and earth.


This part of pregnancy is rarely taken into account. While I am certain that every woman who has experienced pregnancy knows what I am talking about, it is a part of pregnancy that is not spoken of or written of often. I was extremely disappointed when I read the classic “expecting” books and found nothing but a physical description of the happenings going on in my body and the fear I should be feeling. I desperately wanted something that spoke of this odd spiritual connection I was feeling or at times the lack of.


When I was pregnant for the first time, I remember very specifically the instant I became pregnant. I knew it, immediately, in my gut. My meditations were different, my mood, my emotions. While much of this can be chalked up to the raging hormones, I don't think we can ignore the idea that another soul inhabiting your mental and emotional space is also in effect here. Regardless of what you believe about when the soul actually enters the body, there is no denying a soul has chosen to inhabit the body that is being created in your womb and that soul is with you, or watching you. There is a new energy close and it can be overwhelming.


During both my pregnancies I have felt an intense connection with the soul who has chosen me. I felt during both my pregnancies that the souls who chose me were older and wiser than I. Giving birth to a being that feels wiser than you is not something I have ever heard anyone talk about, but that is what I felt. I didn’t feel like this child is “mine” and I have to mold it into what I think is best. This soul that chose me has it’s own reasons and destiny for being here, at this moment, and it’s my job to help it get here, learn the basics and feel loved.


Pregnancy can be a cosmic experience if you’re open to it. I feel as if I have the power of the universe inside me when I am with child. I can tap into that universal knowing, my intuition is incredibly strong during this time. Choices seem so obvious to. I am more decisive and less willing to do things that do not feel right.


I believe that this soul that resides in me now is a direct source to God and to Mother Earth. A woman is in direct contact with both physical and spiritual worlds and can channel energies from either. While so many teachings and books focus on the vulnerabilities of pregnancy I would challenge you to look at pregnancy as one of the most powerful times of your life. It is a time when you can call upon God and the Earth directly.


Anything is possible during this time. You are the ether that connects heaven and earth. Harness this creative energy and use it to create something beautiful for the world and your growing family. While you may experience some physical ailments, and tiredness, know that you can replenish yourself spiritually by taping into what is already in you. You are the most powerful essence on the planet with the ability to bring spirit to physical form. Have an intense reverence for what is going on in your body and in your heart. You are creating worlds. You are a goddess, as God literally resides in you.


Written by staff writer Haley Bergsgaard