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Margaux Baillon

We are so excited to launch the newest way to collaborate with District Of She "Branded." A place where we can feature real women and their brand showcasing what they've created while helping you become inspired through their work.

For our first branded babe, Margaux Baillon.

Here is a little bit about Margaux...

Hello my name is Margaux, I'm 23 years old, and after years of going to school and trying to find my passion, ceramics just kind of popped out of nowhere. I worked in San Fransisco for awhile for a restaurant that really opened my eye to beautiful plateware. i began to turn every plate over whenever I'd go out to eat eagerly looking for who the creator was.  It became a routine part of my dining out expierence, I wanted to know who made it and how.

 While in France with my boyfriend, we had just finished a tasting dinner in the countryside, and after obsessing over the plates used for the dinner, the lightbulb went off! I should look into taking classes. I started classes in Berkeley at a community potters studio. I immediately fell in love! My new love came with some frustration at first due to the fact that I am left handed and was being taught by a right handed instructor. Over time I developed my own way to throw on the wheel. 

I'm currently living and creating in Claremont, CA. I was lucky enough to find a great community studio in the area where I do all of my work.  I'm still very green, but am lucky enough to have support from other seasoned ceramicists at my studio. My style is very simple, I use a lot of light glazes and basic shapes. I like the look of raw clay and having some of that come through when glazing. I like the idea that from a block a clay, you can pretty much create anything. 

I get excited every time I create a piece because I never really have plans of how its going to turn out. I am still in the experimental phase of creating, so I try new techniques in throwing and glazing. Its all a great learning process for me, and it helps me grow as a ceramicist. 

My biggest goal is to make table ware for independent restaurants. I come from a family of restaurateurs and food lovers, and I feel like a beautiful plate plays a big part in the dining experience. I also want to create one of a kind collections for everyday home use. Having hand made pieces adds a much more personal touch in a home. I hope that in 5 years, creating will be my full time gig. My plans for the immediate future; keep growing as an artist and creating beautiful things!

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