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Jessica Weymouth

How did you get started?

I've always been a creatively driven lady, meandering from medium to medium ranging from embroidery to chalk art to finally landing on watercolor and falling madly in love with all of the intricacies. Watercolor is a very forgiving but independent medium, there is a distinct femininity and strength in how watercolor moves - I knew right away that this would be a divine and fulfilling relationship - however, I never expected watercolor to bring me to such a wonderful place with my business, where I have finally put my day-job on hold and am currently pursuing my artwork full-time along side my BS in Environmental Science.


What influences you and where does your inspiration come from?

I find a lot of inspiration from early mornings and quiet time (although I rarely wake up as early as my heart would like) - I am very inspired and driven by the forces of our planet, the solar system, and the nature that surrounds us. If I am not knee deep in the ocean and local tide pools looking for inspiration for a next piece, I am delving myself into a publication about Earth's Vortexes, the healing energies of native crystals, Astrological findings, etc - I am constantly working towards making my work as authentic and research involved as possible, incorporating my love for science with my love for telling stories through art


How do you maintain work life balance?

Before I left my day job I was juggling a life of working at a restaurant multiple days a week, spending at least 20 hours a week in the studio working on originals, packaging art, post offices, all while doing a full-time load at school - after a while I realized I absolutely had to choose, do I want to put school, work, or my art on the back burner for a few semesters and see where life takes me? I chose the most life-giving route and have never felt more fulfilled. I think when you realize your personal relationships are starting to struggle, or you aren't keeping up with your detrimental responsibilities you decide something has to change.


Where do you see your brand going within the next five years?

That's always the toughest question, I can only imagine what 5 years from now will look like for me and my work and my small business, but I get a little worried when I look too far ahead in the future and don't allow myself to focus on now - to focus on exactly where I am in the present moment. I can only hope that my art will continue to grow me, grow in depth, and that my authenticity through that growth will grow my business as a result. I would love to continue collaborating with big and little brands alike, creating commissions for folks to give to those they love, and continue being a positive presence in the lives of those around me and those who follow my work

What has been your biggest hurdle with your brand?

The biggest hurdle would definitely have to be the sheer volume of artists who seek out the same subjects. It can be greatly discouraging to see others working on similar pieces or even finding near plagiarism of your work that took months to perfect. But I've learned to rather than getting down on myself or my work in those moments, I find the strength within myself to encourage those artists in what they are doing, and to find the authenticity in their work too. I heard a speaker at a Women's Creatives event a couple of years ago who spoke a lot of truth on this subject, she said "There are going to be a lot of people who make what you make, some of it may boarder plagiarism while others are sheer happenstance, but no matter how many products are on the market that look exactly like yours, as long as you remain true to yourself and your work, your work will shine with an authenticity that is infectious and liberating and your heart for what you do will shine through that."

I’ve learned to rather than getting down on myself or my work in those moments, I find strength within myself to encourage those artists in what they are doing, and to find authenticity in their work too...


How do you stay motivated?

Coffee! I'm kidding... (sort of) I think a way of staying motivated is to continue setting goals for yourself, and to show self-love when you meet those goals. Sometimes if I have a day of packing dozens of orders and I know its going to take half the day, I tell myself if I do it with a positive attitude and I don't get distracted, that I can go out once I'm done and treat myself to something I love (ice cream anyone?) I also think it is important to have people close to you in your life who encourage you and hold you accountable, I am so blessed to have a support group who really believes in what I do and wants to see me succeed. I also need to make sure I spend equal time pursuing knowledge in what inspires me, so I like to take trips to the tide pools, camp in the desert, and visit museums to continue to re-inspire those parts of me to create out of love for the universe around me!

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