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Holistic Wellness

We believe in thoughtful wellness. Self care and self healing. A simpler approach to health and happiness that keeps us connected to the Earth. Utilizing natures medicine through holistic and herbal approaches.


Healing Herbs

We are huge fans of herbal teas and tinctures as ways to incorporate herbs into your medicinal practices. We've added some tried and tested herbal remedies recipes below for teas that are effective and easy to prepare. Now there is a difference between a tea and a tincture. Medicinal teas are not as potent as tinctures typically but they are wonderfully effective for chronic, long term imbalances.

Although the idea of mixing and mashing herbs for homemade remedies brings up thoughts of the dark ages and traditional apothecaries within most people it is a wonderful and beautiful holistic way to awaken the ability to self heal within the body from products straight from the Earth. Plus it's a lot easier than you'd think. All you'll need to be successful at creating your own medicinal tea blends is the specific herbs, boiling water and a jar for storage. Easy. Read More

Bug Bite Remedies

Oh how I loathe mosquito, but they sure do love me. Sitting on our back porch for ten minutes usually equates to a minimum of five itchy inflamed bites. I've tried everything to help calm the itch from heated metal spoons, rubbing alcohol and even over the counter ointments. Essential blend oils and witch hazel have proven to be the most effect deterrent to the annoyance of the itch. Here are a few of my favorite all natural remedies to help beat those bugs! Read More

Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are a powerful combatant to the cold and flu. As holistic health practices continue to grow it has become fairly easy to find elderberry syrup within local health food stores or even Whole foods grocery. However, elderberry syrup is extremely easy to make and in comparison to store bought homemade is quite a bit cheaper. Elderberries naturally contain vitamin A, B and C which help stimulate your bodies immune system. The syrup form gives you a higher concentrated form that is not only great for preventative care but also helps your recover time when actually sick. In our home we take a tablespoon of elderberry syrup every other day to help boost immunity. Read More