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Healing treatments for bug bites

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Oh how I loathe mosquito, but they sure do love me. Sitting on our back porch for ten minutes usually equates to a minimum of five itchyinflamed bites. I've tried everything to help calm the itch from heated metal spoons, rubbing alcohol and even over the counter ointments. Essential blend oils and witch hazel have proven to be the most effect deterrent to the annoyance of the itch. Here are a few of my favorite all natural remedies to help beat those bugs!

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is an astringent made from the leaves and twigs of the Hamamelis virginiana plant, is a well-known topical remedy for soothing skin. Witch hazel is easily accessible and can be found at most grocery stores and health food stores. It is most effective when applied directly to the skin with a cotton round. 

Essential Oil's

Lavender essential oil can be applied directly to mosquito bites to help calm and soothe the redness, as well as the itch. Holy basil oil and tea tree oil are both also wonderful for bites and can be applied topically. Make sure to mix both of these oils with a carrier oil, do not apply pure Tea Tree oil to the skin.

*Carrier oil examples: Argan oil, jojoba oil*


Written by: Amanda Grieve