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Every time another year passes I continue to hear my mothers words "time will only continue to get faster as you age, don't be in such a rush" I use to think she was a little nutty repeating that phrase over the years but as 2016 comes to a close those words bring such a reminder to enjoy the season we are in. 2016 is at an end and with all of the New years resolutions starting here are a few bad habits we thing you should kick to help bring some overall wellness to 2017.

Eating Processed Foods. Just stop! Let's make 2017 the year where we incorporate more whole foods in our daily routine. We guarantee it will lead to better energy,  glowing skin and overall body health. Let's bring our eating habits back to the basics, real food. Spend more time cooking and being a part of the preparation of your meals.

Obsessing over things out of your control: We recently saw a meme about replacing I'm sorry's with thank you's. What a great idea! Creating a shift in our worry and anxiety by replacing it with gratitude. Worry and anxiety are a huge red flag that there is a lack of trust happening in that area of our life. How about we make 2017 a year where we surrender our worry and lean on a little more trust? It'll all work out, promise.  

Comparing Yourself to Others. Stop focusing so much energy and time on what everyone else is doing, what they have and where they are going. Nothing will steal your joy faster then focusing all your energy on every one else. It's when you stop worrying about everyone else and what they have going on that you can truly flourish in your happiness.

Using Toxic Personal Care & Cleaning Products. Get informed! Your skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs what you put on it. So take this year to really get informed about what your using on your body and around your home. Not everything marketed to us is necessarily great for us. Did you know that the European Union has over 1,300 ingredients banned while the United States only has 11! That's a huge difference. You'll be quite surprised what you'll learn throughout the year just by really reading the ingredient label. 

Here’s to letting go, and adding in more mindful practices in 2017!