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Finding the will to be gracious, with myself.

In my line of work I get to meet a lot of women from all kinds of walks of life. I listen day in and day out to these beautiful brilliant intelligent driven and inspiring women second-guess themselves not because of a lack of talent but because in their eyes they have failed in someway and don't measure up physically.
Ladies, I think if we're honest with each other we'd realize we've done this to ourselves. Between concealer, contour, Photoshop etc We've created a society of women who are uncomfortable within their own skin. Uncomfortable with openly expressing complements to each other. Uncomfortable with acknowledging something truly beautiful about another without feeling threatened or competitive. We each have a laundry list of physical features we want to change, enhance or erase.
When did it become a crime to age? When did it become taboo to talk about the fact that maybe our skin isn't #flawless or our body isn't perfectly toned? Or you know what, I actually don't wake up like this!
I don't believe that the beauty industry is the problem contrary to popular belief I've actually seen first hand how the beauty world can create the ability for women to feel empowered and beautiful. I work in an industry that can help a woman feel confident and strong. What I am saying is that we need to be a little more gracious with ourselves outside of the makeup... We are strong because we've been created in strength. And we are influential because we have been charged with influence to those around us and we are fruitful because of continuous learning and growth...