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Drunken Mermaid Oddities




For this edition of Branded we wanted to showcase Anna and her beautiful custom jewelry Drunken Mermaid Oddities. 

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Let's meet Anna:

Q: Where are you based out of andwhat made you want to create jewelry?

I'm 27 & currently based out of Alamosa, Colorado. I started my business in Huntington, West Virginia & moved to Taos, New Mexico last January to be closer to gem suppliers. I'm hoping to make another move this year to someplace warm!

I love to work with my hands & first learned how to make jewelry in Girl Scouts. I started to make friendship bracelets & tried to sell them, but my only customer was the mailman! In 2010 I opened up shop & started selling jewelry & vintage clothing. In 2014 I realized my passion for gemstones could translate to my love of making jewelry, so began to sell wire wrapped gemstone jewelry.

Q: What does creating a piece mean to you?

As a child I remember going through my Mother's jewelry box & marveling over her precious gems. Her string of wedding pearls, her class ring & the locket my Father had gifted her long ago. Holding each piece with such care, knowing how special each one was & what it meant to her. It inspired me to create jewelry with intention & take great pride in quality & craftsmanship. Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing my jewelry will be worn & loved for generations to come. I love making people happy!

Q: Where do you see your brand going in five years?

Since moving out west I have had the opportunity to mine my own gems. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly satisfying it is to find a stone, polish it up & create a finished wearable piece.
I would love to dive deeper into stone shaping & cutting over the next few years. I also have a bit of an obsession with sterling silver jewelry & hope to try my hand at silversmithing!

We are so excited to introduce you to Anna and we also have an amazing giveaway for District of She readers. Anna has created this beautiful Prehnite stone on 18" long brass chain.


All of Anna's jewelry come complete with a hand drawn stone meaning card, jewelry care & stone cleansing instructions.
"Prehnite is a serene stone of unconditional love. Enhances visualization. Induces deep meditation. Facilitates contact with your higher self and the earth's energy grid. Enhances your sense of precognition and inner knowing. Attunes you to divine energies. Enhances prophecy talents. Shows you the best way forward for your personal spiritual growth. Seals your auric field in a protective shield of divine energy."

We will be hosting the giveaway VIA Instagram @DistrictofShe make sure to stop by and see the details for entry.

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