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Amanda Grieve

Founder + Creative Director||

Amanda was born and raised in the sunshine of southern California and moved to Kentucky at 23. Over the past three years in the bourbon state she has rooted her career in makeup artistry education. Editor for a beauty blog Amanda was able to reach women through a beautiful platform, cosmetics. She still felt lead to working with women deeper. With her love of the written word and passion for instilling fearlessness within women she created District of She. An inspirational hub by women for women. A magazine rooted in pursuing real women, real life and real community.

Sara Colvin

Public relations + Marketing  ||

Sara is a Kentucky native and proud cat mama. She has a passion for inspiring women through body positive living and loves . Best friend to founder Amanda, Sara has been a monumental piece to the foundation to District of She's growth as well as one of our biggest voices.

Abigail Welsby

Instagram Media Manager ||

Abigail is a photography graduate from the art institute. A Pittsburgh dweller raised with an eagerness for chasing the light. Abigail loves story telling through her photography, strong lighting and simple words. She is passionate about creating images that bring clarity to the beautiful frenzy in which we live.

Haley Bergsgaard

Staff Writer ||

Mountain mama.  A mid west native living in the Colorado Rockies, Haley has a deep connection to the Earth and a forever love of simple living. She is passionate about inspiring women to live their fullest life and embrace their femininity. Haley graduated from the University of Nebraska with a bachelors degree in psychology, which spurred her love for writing. Today she is a six month pregnant, full time mama and wife and our motherhood staff writer. 

We are a global community of women who have a passion for authenticity. Equipping each others hearts to live intentional, purposeful lives through the encouragement of our talents, embracing our diversity and development of our passions.

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