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How did you get started?

Burdees started as something that seemed like something fun to do. I never planned on running a jewelry business, but now I get to & it’s so much fun! I started with simple stud earrings (some of them I would be a little embarrassed to say I actually made at one point). Friends & people I didn’t know from IG started to respond to my earrings & within the first year I was doing way better than I ever thought I would. As I grew up a little, my jewelry grew up as well. I started to expand to necklaces, bracelets & rings. I love to look back & see how much Burdees has evolved. 

What influences you and where does you inspiration come from?

My style in general is very minimalistic. Even in my home I like to keep things simple & decluttered. I believe that simplicity lends itself to making individual pieces shine. This is how I dress myself, dress my children & decorate my home… why not let this be true of the jewelry I design? It would feel very unnatural for me to design jewelry that was complex & gaudy. 

I am so inspired by the people I follow on Instagram. Their homes, their style, the places they visit. I love finding beauty in simple things & that inspires me to make jewelry that others will enjoy wearing. 


How do you maintain work life balance?

I have 4 sweet children & I stay at home with them so this has been tricky for me to figure out. I try to not to “work" when my children are needing my attention, but I run Burdees out of my home so it’s hard for me to find a good balance. I think I’ve figured it out for now, but it’s always changing. My husband & I are in the middle of starting another business so that’s currently taking more time. We try to do more of our “work” in the evenings after the kiddos are in bed. 


Where do you see your brand going in the next five years?

I am growing my wholesale accounts & wanting my jewelry to be more easily accessible to people all over the world. I would love to grow my craft & get better at what I do. I want to grow my following & my brand. I’m excited about where Burdees is right now & I’m so excited to see what’s ahead. 


How do you stay motivated?

Honestly, it’s just so much fun for me that I don’t need much motivation. There are times that I’m busy with kids or a little tired & I have to remind myself that this is also very helpful for my family if I work hard at this. 


What has been your biggest hurdle with your brand? 

We recently adopted our daughter from China. Then when we brought her home, she had to have two eye surgeries. We decided to put things on hold for a few months & we did start to lose momentum. We have been able to pick things back up & we hit the ground running with a new line, new website & 4 wholesale accounts. We are so thankful for our little girl & would do all of it again! 


We loved featuring Allison from Burdees and would love for you all to check out her social media. If you purchase any of her pieces let us know at #Burdees #DoSBranded

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