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How did you get started?

Creativity has been a huge part of my life since I was a young girl. I started with designing clothing and by that I mean I attempted to sew two parts of jeans together to make them longer. Home decor, home design/arrangement, handmade cards, scrapbooks, song writing. painting and even photography started after high school. One Christmas I received paint brushes and canvas' from my father, from then on I was hooked.. I loved how painting made me relaxed and feel free. I started by painting things for family and friends as gifts, selling a few here and there. After embracing that I was created as an artist, I started actively pursuing Small Red Heart. My brand and outlet for my artistic as a brand & how i could use these artistic abilities. I then opened Small Red Heart on ETSY.


 What influences you & where does your inspiration come from?

atmosphere: I love to paint to music in the background. A few of my favorites include Hillsong United,  Mumford & Sons and even Frank Sinatra. They really gets me in the groove to paint. I've found that sometimes you can tell what type of music I've been listening to with the colors I've incorporated in my paintings.

mental space: Id love to say that I only paint when I'm happy and full of life but the reality is that sometimes my best work comes out of raw anger or frustration. I choose to add in truth from what inspires me. Such as daily devotions, creative conferences and sermons to remind me what and who I am rooted in.

How do you maintain work/life balance?

I've recently started thinking of mylife as a rhythm or harmony . One that requires a lot of discipline, time and effort.  I find my rhythm in both my work and life through staying rooted in the Lord. It refocuses me on the ultimate Creator and the mission He has laid on my heart. It's the 'why' behind what I do.


 Where do you see your brand going in the next five years?

 smallredheart partnering with other creatives who are passionate about inspiring others & loving people through art. 

2. i dream about smallredheart surviving & thriving financially! 

3. i dream about smallredheart developing ongoing relationships with the people who support my brand.

4. i dream about smallredhearts artwork & photography creating more large scale work & being displayed in businesses around seattle & america & maybe even seeing Jimmy Fallon or Kristin Wiig purchase something! [ ha! ] 




>> How do you stay motivated?

motivation most days for me comes from keeping inspiration & creativity alive while refocusing on the 'why'. creating things like a "style board" & a "dream board" are helpful for me to visually see DAILY what my dreams are & what inspires me. i also love dabbling in lifestyle & portrait photography! a clean & organized studio space motivates me as well. & when those things seem dry -- i go to my friends & family. community. having my husband, friends, family & supporters encourage, challenge & believe in me, motivates me when i can't seem to get inspired. >> words of affirmation are my love language after all : ]


>> What has been your biggest hurdle with your brand?

maintaining this posture of surrender while carrying the burden of financial challenges to further grow my brand are two of my biggest hurdles. not to mention the marketing & business side of a brand! [ not my strengths! ] i know the Lord will provide. i know He has good plans for me & isn't finished with me or the dreams He has laid on my heart. & yet somehow i still grab that financial impossibility & carry it around my shoulders & let it weigh on my heart. yes, its difficult to start a brand & get it off the ground without a lot of finances to support it -- but i am a firm believer in knowing nothing is impossible with God. the struggle is to lay it down daily. my fears of going into debt, not making an impact, it failing -- we are called to giving our lives, our desires, our dreams to Him who put them there in the first place. it sounds so simple to write & talk about -- but realistically, its much more of a challenge to live this out authentically day after day. but thats the goal. to do it all, live it all -- with Him, for Him & through Him.